Areas of Focus :

Our focus is to bring focus to our client information structure. Dimensional Defense's unique visualization solutions optimize decision makers processes-- in real-time multidimensional space. We engineer for the most demanding public-sector and enterprise environments. Our passion lies in areas in which information is more relevant and significant when interpretation requires more than two axis.

Each of these areas has proved limited utilizing traditional hardware and software used for visualization, operations, and analysis. Dimensional Defense provides an integrated system for confidently navigating and controlling these multi-dimensional, previously loosely-structured visualization environments.


  Defense, Intelligence (Planning, Analysis and Communication)

Transportation (Aviation, Terrestrial, Space, Marine)

Medical (Visualization, Analysis and remote viewing)


Segments :

* Comprehensive custom interface environment development
* ISTAR and C4ISR Mission Command and Control
* Urban operations imaging and planning
* Close-quarters threat informatics for dismounted warriors
* Spatial awareness for civilian public safety and first responders
* Navigation, indication, and warning for defense and aerospace
* Geospatial informatics and climate-terrain mapping
* Simulation and Training, Synthetic Environments
* Medical imaging, Genomics, and Connectomics
* High-velocity, heterogeneous "big data" analytic environments
* Drone Control, AV, unmanned vehicles





              Managing Complexity : Compressing Information-Space .

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