Dimensional Defense is research-center based approach to identifying, conceptualizing, engineering and deploying transformative solutions for mission-specific applications. Our solution objectives center around developing and deploying novel platforms that provide our clients with unprecedented capabilities resulting in a high return on investment. 

Managing Complexity : Compressing Information-Space .

Our solutions range from, "Halo" (holographic aperture linear overlay) generating dimensional i/o space for high-level decision processes, to non-intrusive contactless computational human input interface. Our company is committed to excellence in striving for creating state-of-the-art technology and subsequent solution class--Dimensional Integrated Control Environment (DICE): an immersive, multi-dimensional, collaborative control space, mission specific for each application built around our inhouse development.

DICE is custom-developed along four axis: the users, merging data streams, strategic control objects, and the deployment environment for a composite holistic field. For any combination of factors, DICE elevates groups of key personnel in real-time within co-spatial real/virtual space. The environment compresses disparate information streams into an integrated environment, from single to n-number of units operating in unison.

Entire teams are able to collaborate, share virtual sensory based environments  synthesized from locations across a room or across the world.  Our current technologies and solutions support the following platforms:


Collaborative Digital Arena Computation


Holographic Aperture Linear Overlay Dimensional Integrated Control Environment
Dimensional Defense complements the core DICE with an array of supporting and auxiliary technologies and solution frameworks, designed to bring the DICE solution method to related domains.

Solutions Across Focus Areas :

Defense, Intelligence (Planning, Analysis and Communication)

Transportation (Aviation, Terrestrial, Space, Marine)

Medical (Visualization, Analysis and remote viewing)





              Managing Complexity : Compressing Information-Space .

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